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CFC Mapper Issue: Undefined Object_Path Value

Name: Undefined Object_Path Value
ID: 2
Project: CFC Mapper
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Lola Lee Beno
Created: 02/25/07 10:27 AM
Updated: 02/28/07 10:34 AM
Description: When Information block is loaded for /Controller/Controller.cfc (I'm using Model-Glue:Unity), it stops at the "Extends" line and generates an CF Error message, as follows:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Variable OBJECT_PATH is undefined.

The error occurred in /Library/WebServer/Documents/CFCMapper/ShowDetail.cfm: line 109

107 :          </CFIF>
108 :          <CFIF getID.recordcount EQ 0>
109 :             #object_path# <FONT COLOR="red" SIZE="-2">(NOT MAPPED)</FONT>
110 :          <CFELSE>
111 :             <A HREF="./ShowDetail.cfm?cfc_id=#getid.cfc_id#">#getDetail.object_path[infoRow]#</A><BR>      

History: Created by lolajl (Lola Lee Beno) : 02/25/07 10:27 AM

Updated by dferguson (Dave Ferguson) : 02/28/07 10:34 AM
Fixed in V1.0

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